Tā Energy fournisseur officiel du Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris

Tê'ta head with Julien Boulain, long distance triathlete

Can you introduce yourself ?

I’m going to start with what matters most to the world for me, I’m a little girl of a 2 year old girl. My nickname is Rocky, I am one of the biggest fans on Earth by Sylverster Stallone. I always needed to practice a lot of sports: football, motocross, skateboarding, running ... and all at the same time! Then following a big and long knee injury, I discovered the joys of the swimming pool for rehabilitation and then triathlon at the Stade Français with a certain coach Jonathan Tryoen. The triathlon also paces my professional daily life since I am responsible for the Paris Triathlon Store store.

What is your record?

I have participated in 11 Ironman since I started 3 times in the world championships in Hawaii. My best performance on this grand finale is a 93rd place as a general. As for the time, 9:00 am on the Ironman of Barcelona (2014) and 9:04 am in Hawaii this year.

Why did you choose Tā as a nutrition partner?

Being a pure amateur, I must be attentive to the small details which can make me more efficient or even help me to assimilate and recover from my training. So I pay attention to my diet and that linked to the effort is essential: it is the essence of my engine. It is for me an even more important point for an amateur than for a professional, because for lack of time, it is our only way to be able to recover. I trust Tā for the quality of the products, the taste, the range with in particular the presence of cure which allows you to be in good shape at the right time. I also know that people who have created this brand have experience in sports dietetics and that they are constantly seeking to make the most bearable effort as possible;)

What is your favorite product?

For my daily training, these are effervescent pastilles: before, during or after effort, it's simple to use, the perfume is very light and it brings me all the vitamins and minerals I need . And I forget an important point, it is a pleasure to drink, the taste is good, which is not the case with all brands. And for a load period, where I will increase my volume before an Ironman, the magic product for me is the BCAA cure. It is the anti-blue product (contractures ...) par excellence. Its dosage is optimal and the treatment system in the form of tablets does not imply a digestion problem as can be known with protein drinks.

Tell us a funny/quirky fact on you?

Before telling it, I have to specify for all those who do not know me, I often train very very early in the morning, see the night because of my personal constraints but also because I like it. Those who know me or follow me on Strava can testify to this ;-) Here we are: this year, I chat with a customer who is in postural study in the store and we therefore speak Triathlon as suddenly: "Yes, Julien Boulain , I know you, finally I heard about you. You train at night in front of your home or the store in your caravan "so I'm going to cut short this rumor: yes I train at night but no I don't have a caravan either in front of my house, or in front the shop :-)

Worse habit?

Change bikes every year

Favorite food after the race?

Sushi !!!!!!!!!!! Like Tā pastilles, before and after effort.

Your book right now?

Windows on the World by Frédéric Beigbeder

Favorite movie?

Impossible to choose only one, so I'm going to say the Rambo saga, we then zap on Rocky then we end the evening with Over the Top: "The second, it's an idiot" Thank you Mr. Stallone

Favorite singer ?

Spotify! He is very eclectic, like me, which is perfect for the home dragged

If you weren't you, would you be?

Everyone has already found my answer ....

What is the race you want to win one day?

I do not have this claim or even the level to win races, however I have fun in this magnificent sport. I take as much pleasure on a simple training as on a competition. Come on, I’m going anyway and I’m going to be pretentious: Douai long distance duathlon! Why ? Because it is a well raised competition, with good logs and that would mean that I am in good shape for the season because it is early April ;-). I would also be on the same line in the charts as my friend Antoine Vaillant who is therefore a good big lumberjack.


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