Tā Energy fournisseur officiel du Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris

Tê'ta head with Paul Ogier, Trail Running

Can you introduce yourself ?

Until 19 years old I spent as much time as possible on horseback, I know it is not ideal for a VO2 Max of Hell but I have always been passionate about nature. I obtained a professional license in the environment that I completed with a BTS Diet of Sport.

My father practiced skiing at high level and opened one of the first 8a in France in climbing. On the maternal side, my mother also bathed in mountaineering. We are 6 brothers and sisters and all athletes! I think I have my competitive character of my childhood because with my brothers we already organized the ‘’ Olympic Games ’’ and ping-pong tournaments in our garden at 12 years old!

At 20 I got into the game of "surpassing oneself" by the practice of snorkeling. After 2 years I made -60m deep at the palm during a competition in Nice. That same year I had to do a 3 -week internship for my school. Far from the pools, I couldn't dive anymore, I started running for the first time!

Today at 25 I work for marketing for Hoka One One on a freelance. I am also a running coach and dietitian. I set myself a goal of 15 hours of training per week and between 70 and 120km on foot depending on the season.

What is your record?

  • 1st Ecotrail 50km Oslo, 2018
  • 29th TDS 123km, 2018
  • 6th World Cup Skyrunning HTV 70km, 2018

Why did you choose Tā as a nutrition partner?

Tā was my first choice for the taste and composition of hydration pastilles as well as for the (French) provenance of the latter. And then I like innovative brands that dare to do differently.

What is your favorite product?

Tropical taste hydration tablets.

Tell us a funny/quirky fact on you?

I love to eat donuts. So much so that my friends often bring me donuts on the supplies of my races! It makes my friends laugh because I have a diploma as a teeth of sport! I answer them that it is just a question of energy balance.

Worse habit?

Running in Split Short in difficult terrains and coming back with striped legs: 0

Favorite food after the race?

Chocolate donuts dipped in almond milk! Explosive combo!

Your book right now?

"Assimil the Norwegian" I try to learn the Norwegian, but there are not enough images for my taste in this book….

Favorite movie?

Into The Wild

Favorite singer ?


If you weren't you, would you be?

A singer of a known punk group!

What is the race you want to win one day?

One of the UTMB ultras

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