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Tê'ta head with Sébastien Fraysse, long distance triathlete


Photo credit: Germain Hazard

Can you introduce yourself ?

Former training swimmer, I have always wanted to try my triathlon. No wonder when you come from Versailles and meet so many people invested in the triple effort. I am a real sports enthusiast. I love everything that revolves around: the physiology of effort, material, travel, sharing ... First try in 2014 on the Ironman of Lanzarote for what was to be my only passage in the discipline, a "One Shot" just to take up the challenge. Like many I imagine it, I said to myself "never again" by passing the finish line ... then came 2016 with my second place in the French LD championship, and 2017 with the Embrunman which was to run me The Sport page ... to finally become French LD champion this season! It is really an addictive, outdoor sport that allows you to empty your head well! During this time, two little boy has enlarged the family. It does not make the day simpler but sport is part of my life balance. The whole thing is to take maximum pleasure on a daily basis!

What is your record?

Champion of France 2018, 2nd in 2016 Top 10 Embrun 2017 2017 Tri Lacanau 2016 & 2018 winner triah, Triath'long Royan, Extrememan Narbonne… Finisher Im Lanza in 2014

Tell us a fun/quirky fact on you?

There are so many ... at the French swimming championships, for what was my first final I lose my glasses from the dive !! Fortunately, I had other opportunities to do better !! In triathlon during the French Championships in the Ardeche Gorges, it is impossible to put on my bicycle shoe during the first transition ... I had forgotten a scotch roll, which I use to attach my repair kit, to The interior ... forced to do the whole race with this roll stuck in my trifunction !!

Worse habit?

Eat 1/2 chocolate tablet every day ...

Favorite food after the race?

A good pizza beer combo !!

Your book right now?

Unfortunately I don't have them ... as soon as I touch my pillow, I fall asleep!

Favorite movie?

Difficult to bring out only one ... I will say usual suspect!

Favorite singer ?

The same, hard hard ... Eminem

If you weren't you, would you be?

My coach !!

What is the race you want to win one day?

I did not imagine myself even if only to win a triathlon when I started ... on this question, I think above all of "legendary" races Roth, Lanza, Embrun, Hawaii, but win this is really not what makes me get up every day or make me want to train ;-)


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