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Tê'ta head with Marjolaine Pierré, triathlete

Can you introduce yourself ?

My name is Marjolaine Pierré, I am 21 years old and I am a student in accounting in Master 1. I live in Nice for 1 year.

I am Rémoise and I grew up on Reunion Island before leaving for my studies in Aix-en-Provence where I validated my license in accounting and management.
In terms of sport I have since been bathed in triathlon with my parents who do and always do it. I didn't really like that and I turned to gymnastics that I practiced in sport study until the age of 14 before athletics up to 19 years. And it was when I arrived in Aix-en-Provence, at 18, that I started to register in a triathlon club and since then I’m doing only!


What is your record?

I finished vice champion of France LD in June 2021 and last year despite the little race due to COVVID I was still able to compete on the French Distance S elite championships where I finished 13th.

    Why did you choose Tā as a nutrition partner?

    When I started the triathlon I loved your I flashed when I saw in a bicycle store the Events, I loved the concept! A good product for the body and in the mouth that allows you to drink without realizing it!

    What is your favorite product?

     Today my favorite product is watermelon electrolyte ! Taking it is the same pleasure as a dessert his taste is so good, very fresh ... when it sparkles it is a killer!


    Tell us a funny/quirky fact on you?

    I started triathlon on a whim.
    It was 2 years ago I had a rather special style on the bike because I didn't want to look like cyclists I didn't find that feminine, so I did not put high socks or cycling glasses, nor high bike with pockets. So I had Ray Ban city glasses and running t-shirts often with bare or original backs to be distinguished from other cyclists! Shame !! This quickdraw that I had ...

    Worse habit?

    My worst habit is to start eating while my cooked dish, I am still in the fridge snacking while it cooks or rather that it crame ...

    Favorite food after the race?

    Fruits and bread just after running and in the evening is often pancake or raviole my favorite dish!

    Favorite singer/group?

    Right now I love Michael Schulte !!

    Favorite movie / series?

    I am not very film or series to tell the truth I think I almost never watch you I had to watch 2 series in my life and the movies ... It's often on the plane. But I like funny films and those that are historical.

    If you weren't you, would you be?

    I will be ... Lucy Charles!

    What is the race you want to win one day?

    I would like to win the LD of the Alpe d'Huez because I have been going there since little my parents went there every year for the CD and brought back the backpack of the event that I took for school outings the others were Too jealous I remember Ahah! So I will say the Alpe d'Huez because I know that it would represent a lot for my parents as well as me in view of my childhood memories. And also embrun for the same reasons ...
    Otherwise obviously I think that for the fame of the test: Kona.


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