Tā Energy fournisseur officiel du Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris

Tê'ta head with Paul Mathou, Runner / Trail

Photo credit: @FannymathildeManon

Can you introduce yourself ?

I define myself above all as an outdoor enthusiast, I love sport and spend time in kind. I practiced mountain biking for several years, this sport allowed me to explore the winding forests of Périgord and to channel my energy. What was a passion led me to a more professional practice of sport. I was able to travel around the world to participate in the World Cups with the French team and my years in sport-study in Guéret then in Nice allowed me to progress in my approach to preparation and recovery sports .

I stopped mountain biking in 2015 to focus on my business school studies. In order not to lose a taste for effort and to regain the pleasure of mountain outings, I started to run. During my first year of practice, I managed to win the title of vice champion of France hope of mountain racing. I really enjoyed the spirit of discipline. As I go, I managed to progress in running trail and increase distances.

Today I am a commercial representative in the world of sport, I live my passion on a daily basis and I am often on the go. Each trip is an opportunity to take out the sneakers to discover the surrounding landscapes and fill up with energy.

What is your record?

    - 1st Ultra Trail Cote d'Azur Mercantour 2020- Utcam 45km
    - 4th UTMB® 2019 - WOI
    - 1st high trail vanoise 2019 - Trail des 6 passes
    - 1st Lozère Trail 2019 - 42 km
    - 2nd Mont-Blanc marathon 2018- 23 km from Mont-Blanc
    - 1st Templar Festival 2018 - VO2 Trail
    - 1st La Saintélyon ​​2017 - Saintesprint
    - 1st Matterhorn Ultraks 2015 - 16 km
    - Vice champion of France hope - Mountain race 2015


    Mountain biking:
    - 9th Xco Houffalize World Cup (Bel) U19 - 2010
    - 7th XCO Offenburg World Cup (All) U19 - 2010
    - 2nd French Cup Xco Méribel U19 - 2010

      Why did you choose Tā as a nutrition partner?

      I have already been using electrolyte pastilles for several years by bike and trail. I appreciate the effective composition, the contributions I need for endurance sports. You are also distinguished by the taste of sports nutrition products which is very pleasant and which changes energy products often too bland.

      What is your favorite product?

      Hydration drink tablets

      Tell us a funny/quirky fact on you!

      I hate chickens, especially when you run running or by bike on a farm and what fly everywhere. Suddenly I am always very suspicious or ready to turn back 😂

      Worse habit:

      Do not respect the coach's training plan ... I am training in pleasure and motivation, I often take a lot of freedoms with the training plan. It is often restrictive when the recovery days I find myself spending 5 hours running in the mountains 😅.

      Favorite food after the race:

      A good ice cream! It's fresh and sweet, I love it.

      Favorite movie:

      I prefer reports, among others those of Sport, Stade 2, from the Total Direct Energie Cycling Team ...

      If you weren't you, you would be:

      The dream: a chamois!

      What is the race you want to win one day:

      The CCC!


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