Tā Energy fournisseur officiel du Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris

Tê'ta head with Quentin Malriq, athlete

Can you introduce yourself ?

I’m 20 years old, I live Grenoble and I’ve been there for 5 years.

I made my first podium at the French championships from my second year of athletics, on 3000m in cadet and achieved the best French performance in my category (8’29 ’’).
In junior, I went on 1500m and made the MPF in Junior 2 in 3'44''45, and was selected 3 times in EDF, including at the Junior World Championships where I made the necessary level of investment To compete with the best runners in the world.

Since then, I have been trying to put everything in place to reach the high level, but I unfortunately experienced 2 first years, among the hopes, complicated (repeated injuries), despite my title of vice-champion of France hope of the 1500m in Hope 1

Why did you choose Tā as a nutrition partner?

I chose Tā because first of all it is a French company and it is very important to me. Also because Tā offers a very large range which makes it possible to cover almost all my needs (recovery drink, electrolytes, BCAA, omega 3 ...). Having access to all these products through a single partner is a real luxury!

What is your favorite product?

Those are the electrolytes that I take most often (every day). But also theOmega 3 and the BCAA that I take very regularly

Worse habit?

Wash my ears 3 times a day.

Favorite food after the race?

It depends on the mood or the result of the race.

Tell us a fun/quirky fact on you?

After a race in Berlin two years ago, I went for a walk in the streets of the city with friends and we missed the last metro. I no longer had a battery on my phone, no money or an identity document ... and the hotel was on the other side of Berlin (~ 9km). The night was long!

Favorite singer ?

I really listen to everything. But right now I like Tsew the Kid

Favorite movie?

OSS 117 Cairo NID of spy without hesitation !

What is the race you want to win one day?

Games of course!


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