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Malto Loader
Malto Loader
Malto Loader
Malto Loader
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Malto Loader

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Increase your energy reserves on the 3 days preceding a sporting event, in order to improve your endurance for effort.

The Malto Loader, composed of 87% of slow carbohydrates, is a considerable asset to build good energy reserves. It brings you a precious energy reserve, is totally acid-free and does not cause heartburn or digestive disorders!

As you approach an endurance effort, the Malto Loader will be your perfect ally.


Maltodextrin de6 - Acid: Citric acid - Aroma - Sodium chloride - Magnesium citrate - coconut water powder (coconut nucifera L.) - Potassium chloride - vitamin C (ascorbic acid) - sweetening (success) - vitamin B6 (chlorhydrate of piridoxine) - Vitamin B1 (Thiamione monochloride) - Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamine)

Recommended use

Mix 1 measurement spoons (20g) in 500ml of water and consume before physical effort to bring you a maximum of energy.


What is Malto Loader drink?

The Malto Loader drink helps to increase energy reserves in order to improve resistance and endurance during exercise. It can avoid eating copiously before the event by providing sufficient energy reserves. All this without heartburn and without digestive disorders.

What is the Malto Loader drink made of?

The drink is composed of :
- Vitamin B1: contributes to a normal energy metabolism
- Vitamins C & B6: help reduce fatigue
- Vitamin B12: contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system
- Malto DE6: source of energy with a very slow assimilation
- Coconut water powder: offers a much better hydration

What is maltodextrin used for?

Maltodextrin is a starch molecule with properties such as a very low sweetness. It does not contain any calories and is the result of a breakdown of the starch molecule into smaller molecules.

When to take the Malto Loader drink? For what type of effort?

The Malto Loader drink, which effectively improves your endurance, is to be taken before the effort. We advise to take it 3 days before the effort in order to optimize the recharge of your energy reserves (carbohydrates) for the day of the race. The drink is adapted to endurance efforts (marathon, triathlon, trail, cyclo etc...). 

What is the difference between isotonic drink and Malto Loader drink?

The Isotonic drink allows to give energy during the effort. It is intended for short efforts (up to 2 hours) while the drink Malto Loader, allows an optimal preparation to the effort. It must therefore be taken before the effort.


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