Tā Energy fournisseur officiel du Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris

Tê'ta head with Brice Marmonnier, Multisport Handiathlete

Photo credit: Nicolas d'Albenas

Can you introduce yourself ?

Passionate about sport since my earliest childhood, carried by a family who sees in sport the values ​​of success, of surpassing oneself and especially of personal accomplishment, I have practiced many sports in competition.

My sporting career was rich, passing through collective sports (basketball, rugby, hockey, volleyball, hand ball….), But also individual sports with selections by federations (tennis, equipment, enduro motorcycle).

My passion for sport pushed me to carry out many sporting challenges, legendary events and multi -sport raids. This passion found itself in my studies, where I first passed a state certificate of sports educator, supplemented by a master's degree in physical preparation Rugby option and one of food, psychology and doping.

In 2004, I was the victim of a serious non -responsible road accident on a motorcycle, my sports life was then put in parenthesis for 11 years, I suffered 25 operations to rebuild my right leg and fight with this mind that sport has forge.

In 2015, my decision is made, bone infections and pain make me make the decision of a lifetime: the amputation of my right foot. This gesture is not trivial but it is the fruit of a deep reflection and the desire to "go up the slope" by taking up the sport in disabledport in order to master this handicap and exceed its limits.

4 months after my amputation, I run the 15 km of the Palace of Versailles, there the doctors tell me that it is exceptional for a amputee in such a short time. I then launch into Handisport ACBB rowing, where I put on a skiff (single -seater) like the "valids" (legs, trunk, arms), with a specific prosthesis for sole layout. June 2016, I won the title of champion of France of Aviron Olympic distance and the title of vice-champion of France Distance Sprint and Indoor.

At the end of 2016, I must be re -operated on my stump, I then decide to change sports to realize a longtime dream…. The triathlon! I start with 4 competitions in France privately, then a detection course presents itself to me at the end ‘year 2017 with the French team at INSEP. 2018 will be my first international year, with the participation in 5 World Cup rounds and 1 round of World Series across Europe and the world, all completed by many national and mass triathlons.

2018 will see me win the title of vice-champion of France behind the defending world champion and conclude my year with a 3rd place in the World Cup in the USA.

2019 will be a demanding and essential international year to access a selection dreamed of the 2020 Olympic Games and gain the necessary places in the international ranking. On the professional side, I converted following my accident with a rich journey through an international group and I am now a brand director in a company that makes communication and the media in mass distribution.

My company accompanies me in my sports and social project (handisport) by allowing me to adapt my schedules to accomplish my 15 to 8 p.m. of weekly training, to move around the world and by sponsoring myself financially.

What is your record?

  • French Handi Aviron 2016 Olympic distance champion
  • Vice-Champion of France 2016 Handi Aviron Distance Sprint and Indoor
  • France vice-champion of para triathlon 2018
  • 3rd World Cup round in the USA 2018
  • 5th World Cup round in Spain 2018

Why did you choose Tā as a nutrition partner?

Discovery brand during the Versailles Triathlon Festival with a communication that speaks to me and translates my sporting spirit (Maori)

What is your favorite product?

Hydration drink tablets (Tropical Fruit)

Tell us a funny/quirky fact on you!

Being amputated and assuming it is a difference in itself versus society. This allows me to play it and laugh regularly by removing my leg and posing it next to me in a public place, or to put my prosthesis upside down. The choices are multiple and always have their effect ... at least "I am not likely to twist my ankle"

Worse habit:

I will not say the worst, but my little pleasure / gap in my preparation remains the beer!

Favorite food after the race:

A good beer and a burger but no fries

Your book right now:

My life is a combat sport "Michael Jeremiaz"

Favorite movie:

Lord of War

Favorite singer :

Queen / Taktika (Quebec rap)

If you weren't you, you would be:

An adventurer who runs the planet to explore his every corner

What is the race you want to win one day:

If I had been told that one day I would answer this kind of question, I will have signed in advance…. What luck after a serious accident, a Handisport sports retraining, to dream in the high international level. So as I am a bulimic of sport and competitor at heart I will quote 3: win a round of Wold Paratriathlon Series (WPS), qualify for the Olys Handisport and finish Kona in long distance later in my career as a triathlete


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